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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. What are the different options for buying the flash templates?

Option 1 : You can opt to buy the flash templates as sets of 12 templates. Each set consists of 6 flash website templates and 6 flash intro templates. Once you select the set of your choice and make the payment you will be emailed the instructions.
Option 2 : The other option is to sign up for the complete access program. This program allows you to download all the 10 sets consisting of 12 templates each. This is priced at $195 which results in savings of hundreds of dollars.

2.How do I subscribe to the Complete access program?

A. Please go to the Sign Up and provide a username, password and a valid email address before creating your account. Once you have given this information, you will be directed to a payment page. Upon completion of the payment process, you will be directed to your member panel from where you can access the source files for all the featured flash templates on this website.

3. How will I receive the flash templates after Paying?

A. If you buy the flash templates individually or in sets you will be emailed the download instructions for those templates. If you sign up for the complete access program and complete the payment, you will be directed to the members section from where you can preview and download the flash web templates and the fash intro templates from the site. The files will be in the .zip format. You can download these files onto your PC, unzip them and access the files.

4. What are the files that I receive in the download ?

A. The zip file includes the flash source file (.fla) and a sample sound file for the flash web templates and the flash intro templates. You will also be provided with the instructions for editing the files as well as the fonts.

5. I need to edit my web template. How can i do this?

A. To be able to edit the flash source files, you will need to have some working knowledge of Macromedia Flash MX software.

6. Will i be able to create multiple sites with each flash template ?

A. Yes. You are free to create as many sites as you want each flash template. Which means the flash templates are basically royalty free.

7.What are the restrictions on using the flash templates?

A. The flash templates cannot be resold. You cannot sell the flash template source files or the swf files online.
The flash templates cannot be used in online or standalone site builders or intro builders.



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